Arnav Pandey

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Arnav Pandey at Unite Hacks

Who am I?

I am currently a Junior at California High School. I love doing hackathons, travelling, playing video games, and collaborating with others! I work much better in a group of cooperative people than by myself, which I believe makes me a valuable team member. I look forward to working in a diverse array of software careers and learning new things! I have experience with multiple coding languages and libraries such as PHP, Python, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Flask, and SQL.

President - Cal Commit

Leading a club in the computer science field that aspires to teach students collaboration and teamwork skills through the git platform. We also plan to teach underprivileged cities and impoverished students.

Web Developer

  • Super Purposes - Using knowledge of Web Developing (HTML, CSS, JS) to work with a team of web developers at Super Purposes to help develop and maintain the Super Purposes website, as well as create the course pages.

  • Nebulus - Using knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to help develop the frontend side of things in the Nebulus Learning Management System, which aspires to make learning easier for students.


  • STEMPower - Helping various students in elementary school learn about various STEM topics after school in Neil Armstrong Elementary School.

  • Hack Club Cal High - As Secretary, my job is to make sure members are attending meetings and also plan out the topics we will be teaching during the next meeting.

  • Computer Science Honor Society - As Vice President, I work alongside the president to make sure everything in the club is going according to plan. I also make sure that I am in charge of the club whenever the president is absent.

  • Cal High Investment Club - As Website Manager, my job is to make sure the cal high investment website stays up 24/7, looks visually appealing, and is up to date with all meeting slides.

Hackathon Organizer

  • Git Init 2023 - Organized a hackathon that had over 330 participants, had 56 submissions, and had over $100,000 in prizes. Is the largest highschool student-hosted hackathon of 2023 as of January 7th, 2023.

  • Tech Optimum Hacks - Organized a hackathon that had over 300 participants and over $40,000 in prizes. Hackathon included over 60 teams and ~50 submissions, was the largest High School Hackathon of July 2022.

  • Cal Hacks - Organized an in-person hackathon that had over 45 participants and $1000 worth in prizes. The hackathon was sponsored by the San Ramon Valley Education Fund and partnered with clubs like CHTC and CSHS.

  • Epoch Bay Area - Organized an in-person hackathon at Circuit Launch that had over 50 participants and was a satellite hackathon running alongside Epoch in New Delhi, Epoch Texas, and Epoch VT

  • Unite Hacks 2.0 - Currently organizing a hackathon that is the second installation of Unite Hacks, which was a hackathon hosted in Circuit Launch that had over 30 participants and ~$900 in prizes.

  • Alliance - Currently organizing a hackathon that will be held in Circuit Launch, Oakland at April 1st and will be an in person hackathon sponsored by Beezwax, DigitalOcean, and more.

Judging and Mentoring

  • Unlock Hacks - Leveraged experience from hackathons and personal projects to guide hackers and give feedback on all projects and ratings to determine the winners.

  • GunnHacks 8.0 - Guided hackers and gave feedback on projects in GunnHacks 8.0. Helped hackers out with bugs and problems.

  • SRVUSD Imagineering Program, California High School - Used knowledge of Python and programming to help younger generations overcome problems, answer questions and helped with concerns during the 3-day Introduction to Python

Tech Optimum

  • Former COO - Leveraging experience from 20+ hackathons and many languages to help lead a non-profit organization trying to help young students with finding their path in computer science.

  • Podcast Host - Hosted Tech Optimum Talks, which brought CEOs of startup companies trying to make a change in the world and interviewed them on their motivations and their likes and dislikes.


🏅: 5 🥈: 4 🥉: 1, Total: 10

2nd Place - Built a web application that locates nearby vaccination clinics from a list of nearby 300,000 locations US-wide, projects current and historical data about COVID cases, deaths, and vaccination percentages. More Info

Award: Best Environmental Hack - Built a web application with Machine Learning and AI to determine when the world will reach dangerous levels of CO2 based on data from multiple research centers. More Info

Award: Best Education Hack - Competed against high school and college students worldwide. Built a web application that made learning easier by connecting mentors and students with an easily navigable UI. More Info

Award: 2nd Place - Built a web application that generates lists of movie and tv-show recommendations for the user to watch based on movie genre, movie release date, minimum rating out of 10, and language.More Info

Award: Best Website Application Built a web application that promoted escapism by implementing APIs that allows the user to get new ideas, be entertained or learn new things.More Info

Award: Second Place Built a web application that took weather data from the user's location from the National Weather Service API and recommended clothing from a dataset of clothing to the user.More Info

Award: Second Place, Award: Best Creative Use of Twilio, built a web application that analyses the symptoms reported by the user and presents the most likely illness based on those symptoms using a custom-built, advanced AI. More Info

Award: Third Place, Award: Best Website Application, built a completely AI-based application whose goal is to make sure you are able to reach your fitness goals while also maintaining physical and mental equillibrium. More Info


Object Oriented Programming with Python

Learned the basic fundamentals of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) with Python in the Course in Foothill College.

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Big Data at Berkeley

Learned how to use Python to access data and handle data with the help of libraries like Numpy and Pandas at UC Berkeley's Data Science Bootcamp.

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Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Learned basic concepts about Machine Learning and advanced topics in Data Science with Python in the Udemy Course.

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